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I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your care and concern during this miserable time. I appreciate your work, of course, but it was so comforting to know there was a thoughtful, considerate person behind the legal mind -- someone looking out for me bolstering me and helping me every step of the way. I thank you -- so much -- for the hand-holding. It was needed, it was necessary and I am beyond grateful.

The meetings were emotionally difficult for me. Both Margaret and my coach made it less difficult and I appreciated that we were able to meet as a whole group only three times, until all was resolved.

You listened well to me, and my upset and my needs. You handled things in an orderly, thorough and gentle manner. I feel I got every penny's worth for your services. You are extremely organized and thorough.
Linda A.

The collaborative process provided three significant benefits: (1) the private nature in which it is performed; (2) less contentiousness and therefore, less anxiety-ridden; and (3) the outcome seemed fair for both parties. You embodied confidence and compassion. These are two traits which were necessary to help me feel comfortable and focused through this painful situation.
Teresa F.

It was a very smooth process, and was non-adversarial. I liked it much better than the mediation process (last divorce) as I liked that each party has their own attorney and that all work together. Having a coach was also very helpful.
S. Smith

You made me feel important, and that everything was done as your highest priority. This was very important to me. I like the collaborative process. It is clear and when it is not clear, questioning the problem brings an answer.
Myra B.

Thank you for everything you have done for my family and me. I can finally get some sleep!
Pat T.

The collaborative process was open, upfront and provided a place to express creative ideas for resolution. I felt that my ideas were heard and there were no hidden agendas.
C. Hall

I never thought I would make it! But thanks to your calm assurances when all else seemed to be falling apart, I did. Thank you for your patience and good help.
Connie K.

You have helped me through one of the most stressful times in my life. Your professionalism and knowledge truly set you apart. I also appreciated your sense of humor and levity as we dealt with complex, tense issues. Your support, kindness and patience have been so appreciated. Your ability to focus and problem solve is a gift. You are truly unique.
Steve J.

This is just a small way of saying thank you for your help in resolving the legal issues. I know that's what I'm paying you for, but I feel you go above and beyond to make yourself readily available. This has been a very difficult few years in my life. I'm glad through the process I had you to assist me. I sincerely appreciate all that you have done.
Roni R.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks for all that you've done for me. If it wasn't for your complete investigation and expertise, the outcome would have been quite different. Divorce is difficult, and with the passage of time, and all of your help and support, my life is happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Debbie S.

I want to thank you for your help during my divorce. You were so professional and kind and understanding, especially when the emotions ran high. I really appreciate you and the work that you do so well.
Gail F.

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication. You are someone I look up to and admire very much. Your strength and wisdom is ever present, when I thought there was no hope. I don't think I could have made it through if I hadn't met you. I remain forever grateful.
Donna S.

I picked this card, Margaret, to symbolize in some sense the skill of "elegant and artful combat" that I feel you manifest. I feel extremely fortunate to have connected up with you. Having talked to a number of lawyers before I knew that you would be able to take my case, I was very discouraged and distressed at somehow feeling that I was just not in good skilled hands. As soon as I sat down with you, the manner in which you were prepared, your refreshing clarity, clear advice, simple and to the point words, and your sparkle - I felt the clouds clear and a definite path emerge as I watched you handle navigating the court process. I continued to be very impressed and struck with your elegant manner, incisive, decisive, with a clear current of strategy and maneuvering skills and also a sense of very quick ability to pick up and sense the clear core of what was going on with minimal information - and all done in a soft spoken and strong manner. You are very skilled and a lawyer of the highest excellence in my opinion, and the results reflective of your whole process. I feel enormously blessed by the forces that be to have come upon you and to have had your help with these very upsetting personal circumstances.
Mary C.

It's done. I can sleep. I can laugh. I can play. All thanks to you.
Tom B.

(Three years later) I think of you often and thought you might be interested in an update . . . I feel very fortunate in having you represent me. Some of the memories are painful still, but in my mind you handled things exactly right. I'll always be grateful.
Tom B.