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Margaret L. Anderson

In 1977, when Margaret became an attorney, family law practice looked very different from how it looks today. In the early 80’s, the mediation movement took root among Sonoma County divorce lawyers, well ahead of its acceptance in other parts of the country, thanks in large part to Gary Friedman of Mill Valley, and the training and mentorship he provided.

At about this same time, an extraordinary judge, Rex Sater, accepted the challenge of serving as Sonoma County’s Family Law judge. His efforts, along with dedicated Family Court Services mediators and a number of family lawyers committed to serving clients and children in the best possible way, brought about a sea change in the legal culture of Sonoma County.

Collaborative Practice is yet another significant progression in the legal culture. Sonoma County family lawyers, civil lawyers, estates and trust lawyers and other collaborative colleagues, are in the forefront of an exciting shift in dispute resolution. Lawyers, therapists, financial and other professionals, provide support and advocacy for spouses, partners, parents and children, neighbors, siblings, employers and employees, and business people in resolving conflicts and restructuring their ongoing relationships.

Margaret has been part of these developments since 1977. She stopped doing litigation in the early 2000’s and is committed to the collaborative process. It is her hope that families, businesses, and other legal consumers will consider and choose collaborative dispute resolution where it is appropriate.