After initial meetings with their own Collaborative Attorneys, the typical process is to start the case with a clients and professionals conference - the clients and Collaborative Professionals meet together to discuss the issues, make any necessary interim arrangements regarding children or finances, and to plan for information gathering. In addition, the clients can work individually and jointly with Coaches to develop effective communication techniques and to manage the intense emotions that often accompany conflict. Additional consultants such as Financial Specialists, Child Specialists, or appraisers can also be hired to assist in other aspects of information gathering and processing. The group meetings continue to be the normal means of exchanging and clarifying information and to brainstorm possible options for resolution. The Collaborative Professionals work together and with their clients to plan each meeting. The clients and Collaborative Professionals focus on educating everyone regarding the underlying information, each party's interests and possible solutions. Out of this process, a settlement which meets the approval of the clients can be fashioned.